EEASA Awards

Awards are made in recognition of organisations’ and individuals’ service to the Association and to the field of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development, especially in the sub-region. A call for nominations is done once a year. The two awards are

  • The EEASA President’s Award, given to an organisation FOR a project / programme that has made a significant contribution to environmental education
  • The EEASA Founders’ Award, given to an individual EEASA member for outstanding service to the Environmental Education community

EEASA President’s Award Qualifying Criteria:

  • the project / programme is characterised by innovation and leadership in the field of EE and ESD;
  • the project / programme is developed and managed according to ethical principles, both social and environmental;
  • the project / programme operates within a specific timeframe;
  • the project/ programme is commendable for its scope (i.e. benefiting a wide range of people and/or environment and sustainability concerns) or its depth (i.e. benefiting fewer but with substantial depth);
  • the project / programme has already achieved discernible success in terms of having a positive impact on the field of EE & ESD.

    EEASA Founder’s Award Qualifying Criteria:

  • this can be a person doing commendable, distinguishing or ground-breaking work in the field of environmental and sustainability education;
  • it is encouraged that the recipient must be a currently registered EEASA member or has been a registered member within the past two years;
  • this may be based on work done in one particular country or more broadly within the SADC region or internationally (but still with a strong SADC link);
  • service is understood here to be a contribution to the field of EE /ESD that goes beyond the expectations of the person’s job/mandate;
  • this should be someone who has gone beyond the call of duty in developing or supporting EE/ESD.