We believe Education for Sustainable Development, (ESD), is central to our response to the emergency and in ensuring future generations inherit a liveable planet. ESD aims to equip learners, educators, educator planners and practitioners  with the knowledge, skills and attributes to live responsibly, not just for ourselves, but so that future generations can enjoy environmental, economic and social wellbeing.

How can we become key actors in advancing ESD.

We have put together a repository of open source resources that you can use and share

  1. An e-learning library has been created which offers practical materials that can be downloaded for teacher education practices.  These can be downloaded and used by student teachers who are planning ESD teaching practices. The e-learning library holds resources that can be used by student teachers and teachers to teach ESD in Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Schooling and TVET Education.

2. Education for Sustainable Development Goals – Learning Objectives.

This resource bank has been designed for educators, education planners and practitioners and complements the UNESCO guidance document – Education for Sustainable Development Goals – Learning Objectives. It offers hundreds of pedagogical ideas for classroom activities and multimedia resources detailing how best to integrate ESD into teaching and learning, from early childhood care through secondary education.  Click on any SDG and it will take you to the relevant resource page

3. What is the Climate Change & Sustainability Digital Library (CCSDL)?

This is a repository of Open Educational Resources (OER’s) that focuses on teaching and learning about climate change and sustainability.  Its leading purpose is to provide the teaching community (from primary to teacher educators) with relevant text and media resources to enhance their teaching practice and courses.  You can do general searches using main categories such as climate change topic, foregrounded approach and target audience.  Each general category is then broken down into subtopics to help you find your areas of interest.