Disseminating information regarding environmental education is one of the 5 constitutional objectives of EEASA. Publications play a key role in achieving this objective.

  • Journal: The Southern African Journal of Environmental Education (SAJEE) is a forum for the publication of research papers, book reviews, comments and critiques of an academic nature.
  • Bulletin: The Environmental Education Bulletin includes information articles, news snippets, regular updates, letters, reviews of new resources and creative contributions. Members are encouraged to contribute to the Bulletin in a language of their choice.
  • Monograph: The EEASA Monographs are occasional publications that deal with specific topics. To date four monographs have been produced, on Evaluation in Environmental Education; Projects in Water Quality Monitoring; Indigenous Knowledge; Environmental Education, Ethics and Action, and Learning in a changing World.

The Southern African Journal of Environmental Education (SAJEE) is an internationally refereed journal published once a year. The journal is published by the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA).

The SAJEE aims to publish and report on a wide range of aspects relating to Environmental Education, Ethics and Action in southern Africa and elsewhere. The journal seeks to further the study and practice of environmental education by providing a forum for researchers, scholars, practitioners and policy makers. The journal aims to carry papers reflecting the diversity of environmental education practice in southern Africa, and includes conference reviews and keynote papers, retrospective analyses of activities or trends in a particular field, commentaries on policy issues, comparative aspects of an environmental education, environmental ethics or environmental action issue, and critical reviews of environmental education, ethics and action in a particular country or context.

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Special Issue: Southern African Journal of Environmental Education (SAJEE)
Call for papers 2018

Social-ecological landscapes, Indigenous peoples’ livelihood practices and education for future sustainability: Cases of co-engaged learning and South -South exchange (bridges). Full papers to be submitted by 30 March 2018. For more information click here.


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